Appreciate the little things happening in life, later you’ll realize how big those little things were.

You just don’t know that you live in a paradise. Yes, you do. We all have so many blessings in our lives, but usually we don’t notice them. 

In today’s world of overwhelming, simple things are not that easy to understand. Our bodies are designed to be in harmony with the sun, the moon, the seasons, and nature. This is the simplicity that our souls long for. Therefore, our adaptation to the “modern era” has been fraught with danger to our mental and physical health. Each morning, our forefathers welcomed the sun, ate simple, home-cooked meals, played with their children and grandchildren, and savored a magnificent sunset, without television to lure them indoors on a summer evening. For me, it is very exciting and tempting to watch a good web series, but I find that if I make good, tasty food while listening to relaxing music after coming back home from the office – that moment is more fulfilling and satisfying. And yes, that’s the simple pleasure.

Connecting with happiness requires skills in experiencing and expressing gratitude. Enjoying the little things in life means that you focus on what nourishes and sustains you in life. It also means practicing gratitude by noticing the daily things you take for granted so easily. By enjoying the small things in life, you won’t prevent the bad things from happening. But you will learn not to dwell on the meaning of evil events. As a result, you will find an invaluable source of mental balance.

Why build the ability to be grateful?

The ability to feel and express gratitude is key to connecting with others.

Once you take a moment to enjoy an act of kindness from someone you care about or someone you don’t even know, you will become more conscious of your belonging to a community of people who care for one another. The exchanging of these measures merely strengthens those social ties. They create a resource you can draw upon in times of need. Such positive emotions are also related to physical health. A positive attitude helps your immune system and speeds up the time it takes to recover. Positive emotions also help us to be more creative and resourceful. Resilient people build their strength on positive emotions. They just help them deal with difficult situations. 

By learning how to enjoy small things in life, you will be able to improve the presence of positive emotions in your life and reap the benefits.

Here’s how you can build gratitude into your routine!

1) Keep a ‘Thank You’ journal 

Trust me, it’s worth keeping a ‘Thank you’ journal. Research shows that individuals who have such journals to record daily blessings have a more optimistic outlook on their lives. Research shows that individuals who have such journals to record daily blessings have a more optimistic outlook on their lives, have a more positive mood, and even more exercise.

Take 10 or 15 minutes every day to write things that you feel thankful for. This is how you can increase your appreciation for small things you usually don’t know.

2) Create a billboard.

Here you can put little reminders of things that make you feel thankful. This may be any kind of thank you you have received. At the end of the year, take all this and put it into a special record of gratitude.

3) Live your ‘today’

Start living in the present. This type of instant awareness – is known as full consciousness. is essential to generate positive feelings that accompany gratitude. When you live more consciously, you notice everything – even the little bits of beauty that you see everyday. At the end of the year, remove all these documents and place them in a special record of appreciation. Enjoy the present by thinking about past challenges. Instead of focusing on negative emotions, remember them and you are forced to see how things are improving now. 

4) Appreciate the little things

Start praising things. Go for a walk in the beautiful weather. When someone around you has gained a new skill, appreciate them. Motivate them to grow. Keep encouraging.

5) Say ‘Thank you’ to at least one person a day

Everyday, say thank you to at least one person. You’ll see the power of it when your relationships and social life become more meaningful.

6) Keep going slow and observe things

When you’re experiencing something amazing, it’s important that you experience it as much as you can. Recall it. Note down the detailed and positive experiences with all your senses. Share it with your friends.

7) Notice the most valued things around you

Suppose somebody asks you about the most important things in life. Log in to what is important to you and don’t delay it until life is less busy. Believe me, it never does.

8) Practice gratitude before sleep

It is advisable to wake up and go to bed with thankfulness in the foreground of our mind. Beginning and ending our day with positive emotions helps build a balanced life and gets you a lot of healthy sleep along the way. Kiss the memory while you sleep. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and full of energy to face today’s challenges.

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