This is how UpGrad crafted excellent Value Propositions while building a Strong Brand Identity in its latest three ad films on ‘Real people, Real stories’!


upGrad, Asia’s largest integrated learning, skilling, and workforce development company, has launched the highly anticipated third tranche of its acclaimed digital campaign, ‘Real People, Real Stories.’ This campaign aims to inspire working professionals to embrace upskilling and gain a competitive advantage in their careers. By showcasing relatable real-life scenarios, upGrad addresses common perceptions that often hinder professionals from investing in their personal and professional growth.

Unveiling the Impactful Films:

Conceptualized by upGrad’s in-house Content and Brand teams, the campaign consists of three captivating digital films. These films are creatively shot to emphasize the robust learning pillars that form the foundation of upGrad’s courses. Learners benefit from live lectures, personalized mentorship sessions, industry-led modules, practical case studies, interview preparation, and a unique coding simulation platform. Each film introduces fictional characters, followed by real-life upGrad learners who have experienced the transformative power of upskilling and overcome initial apprehensions associated with online learning.

The Drive Behind the Campaign:

Ankit Khirwal, Head of Marketing at upGrad, explained the motivation behind the campaign, stating that research revealed how professionals often delay investing in their careers through upskilling. Many individuals prioritize short-term indulgences or material gains over long-term professional growth. However, this approach often leads to missed opportunities, such as delayed promotions, stagnant increments, and a mismatch of skills for desired job profiles. The campaign serves as a call to action, urging professionals to recognize the importance of upskilling in an era where job profiles are rapidly evolving. With a completion rate of 85%, upGrad’s courses stand as a testament to their effectiveness in empowering professionals and contributing to India’s journey towards becoming a skilled knowledge superpower.

Challenging Excuses and Mindsets:

Shreyas Shevade, Head of Creative and Content Marketing at upGrad, shed light on the common excuse-mindset prevalent among individuals when it comes to personal growth. He emphasized that people often make excuses to avoid doing what is truly beneficial for them. The campaign aims to challenge this mindset, highlighting how individuals find time for leisure activities like binge-watching but fail to prioritize upskilling. It draws attention to the irony of investing significant resources in material possessions while neglecting the development of essential skills. Through this campaign, upGrad not only seeks to inspire learners but also encourages its own employees to embrace upskilling and leverage the opportunities available to them.

The Success and Impact of the Campaign:

The previous tranches of the ‘Real People, Real Stories’ campaign have been immensely successful, with over 500 million impressions and 225 million views on YouTube. These numbers have not only bolstered upGrad’s brand recognition but have also attracted previously under-penetrated segments. The current tranche of the campaign is set to reach a wider audience through various digital channels, including YouTube and social media platforms.


upGrad’s ‘Real People, Real Stories’ campaign continues to make waves in the upskilling landscape. By showcasing relatable scenarios and highlighting the tangible benefits of upskilling, the campaign aims to inspire professionals to take charge of their careers and stay ahead in an ever-changing job market. With its commitment to excellence and dedication to making India a skilled knowledge superpower, upGrad stands as a leading force in the field of integrated learning and career development.

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